How to Sell Your Home As Quickly As Possible When You're in a Hurry

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You've found the house of your dreams and have taken steps to secure it, so you cannot wait to move in and convert it into a home. There's only one problem – you need to do something with your current property and have to pass it on to somebody else as soon as possible. It's difficult to predict how long this will take, but there are certain steps that will help you facilitate the process. How should you proceed?

Agent and Price

Firstly, decide what agent you're going to use. Ideally, they will have a good reputation and will be very experienced at selling your type of home in that particular market. You will need to come up with a realistic price, which the agent will help you to determine, although you should also consider bringing in an independent valuer. For a relatively small amount of money, they can give you another opinion and between them, you should be able to reach a price that is likely to motivate a buyer fairly soon.

The Marketing Approach

Make sure that you discuss the agent's approach to marketing, so that it fits in with your own vision. There are many ways to promote and publicise a property for sale these days, including digital and analogue methods, so craft your campaign carefully.

Working on the Outside

Is your home completely ready? Remember, it must be as appealing as possible if it is going to attract numerous buyers with the right amount of money. If you need to, pressure wash all the surfaces outside and attend to any small painting jobs that may be necessary. Remember, first impressions and "curb appeal" are everything, so ensure that the garden is tidy, all the trees are trimmed and nothing is out of place.

Preparing the Interior

When was the last time that you cleaned the carpets? This should be your first job and if you have a toddler's room that was painted an appropriate colour for them, convert it back to a neutral tone. Assuming that you have moved all your furniture out to the new property already, think carefully about renting in some furniture, together with artwork, to give the building a "lived in" feel. This can make a considerable difference as it paints the picture for prospective buyers, rather than leaving it all to the imagination.

Additional Ideas

As for little touches, consider lighting some candles or introducing some fresh flowers whenever the home is available for inspection. Remember, you should appeal to all of the senses and might even consider playing some neutral, "easy listening" music in the background as well.

All the Paperwork

You will need to be ready to move forward as soon as you get some offers, so you should have your legal team in place. Choose a conveyancing solicitor so that you are ready to exchange contracts and move to settlement.