Why You Need a Family Lawyer for Child Support Agreements

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When you and your spouse choose to dissolve your marriage, one of the primary concerns that the two of you should have is the welfare of the children that you share. Since divorce is typically about the two spouses, it can be easy to overlook how your kids fall into the equation. Yet, even while going through the divorce, the lives of your kids will be moving on. Thus, child support is a crucial factor to consider, as this will ensure that the children are receiving the right funding for the shelter, food, education and other daily needs. Whether you are the custodial or the noncustodial parent, it is essential to have a lawyer who works in family law during these proceedings, as illuminated below.

A family lawyer will ensure all necessary paperwork is filed

Whether you are seeking child support or if you will be the non-custodial parent that is paying child support, there is important paperwork that needs to be filed for your individual case, For instance, a non-custodial parent may want the child support agreement appealed if they want to pay less money. Alternatively, the custodial parent may want to procure evidence to prove that the non-custodial parent can afford more money for the payments. Depending on the evidence provided in the paperwork, the child support agreement can be amended in favour of whichever one of the two parties.

A family lawyer can investigate the non-custodial parent's assets

If you are the custodial parent and believe that the non-custodial parent is not being honest about their assets and ability to pay child support, you could have your family lawyer get to the bottom of the problem. For instance, some ex-spouses may choose to hide their wealth in an attempt to get out of paying child support, which is unfair to the kids. A family lawyer will embark on gathering substantial evidence to prove that your ex-spouse can pay more than they are willing to admit. This collection of evidence can entail following the money trail, uncovering luxury purchases and so on.

A family lawyer can appeal the decision of your child support payments

Non-custodial parents will also find the services of a family lawyer of immense help to them once the child support agreement has been drafted. In some cases, you may find that while you could afford the child support payments at the onset, circumstances can change and this will influence your financial capabilities. For example, scenarios such as losing your job can significantly decrease your overall income. Your family lawyer can provide evidence to this effect, which can help amend the child support payments to your favour.