Understanding the Fundamentals of Conveyancing

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The process of buying a house is exciting and challenging at the same time. It involves many puzzles other than merely finding a perfect piece of property and paying for the amount. Many people, especially first-time home buyers, get overwhelmed and end up messing the entire process. 

Luckily, conveyancing helps to simplify the land transfer process. Simply put, conveyancing is the process of legally transferring the land ownership from the seller to the buyer. An experienced conveyancing solicitor completes the process.

Roles of a conveyancing solicitor

To the seller

The solicitor helps the seller to draft the contract and complete the contract pack required for the process. They also participate in the exchange of contracts and receive money on behalf of the seller. Once they receive the payment, the conveyancing solicitor pays any mortgage fees and sends the balance to the seller's account.

To the buyer

A conveyancing solicitor helps the buyer to approve the buying contract. Also, the solicitor carries out a background search on the property to ensure that it has the legal ownership and that it does not have any issues. If the property is okay, the solicitor reports to the buyer and facilitates the land transfer rights. After the process, the lawyer makes sure that the buyer and the seller are satisfied with the deal. The lawyer can also facilitate the land registration process.  

How to choose a conveyancing solicitor

There are many conveyancing solicitors in Australia, and choosing the right one may, therefore, be challenging. To ensure that you pick the best, consider the following factors. 


Conveyancing lawyers charge differently for their services. The costs depend on the issues involved in the deal, among other factors. Select the best lawyer according to your budget.


Get some facts about the lawyer before you engage them in your case. Since you might have to deal with someone whom you have never known before, check their online reviews and talk to their past clients to know more about their services.


The best solicitor should be available. If they do not stay within your state, get their emails, phone numbers and other necessary contacts for easy accessibility.

The process of buying or selling a house can be complicated according to various factors. You can, however, make it straightforward by working with the right conveyancing solicitor. Consider the above factors when choosing the lawyer and maintain a professional relationship, and your experience will be more leisurely.

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