Important Things to Note About Auto Insurance and Car Accident Claims

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When accidents occur, the following things might be the result:

  • A minor accident where no one is injured, but the cars involved get minor damage.
  • A moderate accident where passengers get slightly injured and the cars get moderate damage.
  • A major accident where passengers get injured or die, the driver included. These accidents may also total your car.

Minor Accidents

Since these accidents involve small damages (small dents and scratches), talk to the driver at fault and see whether you can come to an understanding, where they pay the damages caused. If the driver is not in a position to pay for the damage, you might require to involve the insurance companies. Take pictures, gather witness contacts, involve the police for an accident report and contact your insurance company so that it can help you claim compensation from the other driver's insurance company.

Insurance companies may cover the costs for small scratches and dents. You may be required to spend a particular amount known as a deductible before the insurance company covers the balance.

Moderate Accidents

These accidents cause moderate dents, damage to car parts and some minor injuries. Involving your insurance company is not an option; the repairs and medical expenses might be too costly for you to bear. As mentioned above, take pictures, gather witness contacts, involve the police for an accident report and contact your insurance company.

A representative from your insurance company can inspect your car, assess the damage and facts surrounding the accident and recommend a good car repair company. Note that insurance companies cover different costs up to a particular amount. The driver at fault is then required to pay the balance.

Major Accidents

The chances are high that you might get severely injured or even die during a major accident. Some drivers may, however, get lucky and come out of a major accident generally unharmed. Your totalled vehicle will then be marked as a write-off and you will be compensated.

However, if you are severely injured during a car accident, your car insurance company can cover your medical expenses and those of your passengers up to a particular amount. If you need compensation beyond what your insurance company offers, maybe because your injuries led to a disability or disfigurement, the driver at fault will provide compensation.

If the driver who is at fault dies during the accident, you will be compensated, but you might need to go through court. Seek out an injury compensation lawyer where you require high or lifetime compensation, especially for medical expenses.

If you die during the accident, your family can seek compensation from your insurance company and the drivers family if it exceeds the insured amount. For more information, contact a compensation lawyer.